What They Are Saying!

A few notes from our friends we serve:

Good Morning Jack and Michelle,   

I pray that all is well. I just want to thank you for allowing me to go and spend time with you guys at the VA hospital. That truly was a blessing to be amongst "Heroes". I can honestly say my heart was touched. I couldnt stop thinking about them. The question I wanted ask is... Is it okay if I go with you on the next trip ? Honestly, I plan on going every month. There is no way I wont go back. I immediately bonded with them. It will definitely be a part of my ministry. My eyes are watering up as I sit here and think about them. Oh God. You cant help but to love them. I just wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for that experience. Continue to be a blessing to others.


To whom it may concern:                   

Reeltime Entertainment has made a huge impact here at the North Carolina State Veteran Home.  The founders of Reeltime Entertainment, Jack and Michelle Knochel, have made a huge impression on the Veteran’s here.  Every time they come in to prep for “Saturday matinee”, they are always prepared and choose a movie according to the Veteran’s interest.              

They always come early and visit with the Veterans as well advertise what movie will be showing at the appropriate time the activity is scheduled.  It means something to not only the Veterans, but as well as the staff that Reeltime Entertainment sacrifice their leisure time and dedication to this facility.               

They always bring refreshments for the residents and for the ones who are diabetic.  They pop the popcorn and serve the refreshments to them with a smile. They have built such a bonding relationship with these residents that it shows they are real genuine people who have respect for the Veteran’s here.                 

I highly recommend Reeltime Entertainment for any facility because it’s not just entertainment they are bringing, they have brought true joy from the Veteran’s here to look forward for Reeltime Entertainment to come back again.    

Best regards,  

Recreation Department   

North Carolina State Veteran Home 

1601 Brenner Ave 

Salisbury, NC 28144 



To Whom It May Concern:  

This purpose of this letter is to share the good work being done by the Reel Time organization.  Reel Time has shown movies and provided snacks to the children in the residential treatment program at Thompson Child & Family Focus.       

Thompson Child & Family Focus serves children who have suffered the trauma of abuse and neglect.  We are residential psychiatric treatment facility.  Due to their mental health issues, our children do not function well in public places such as movie theaters.  Our funds for such entertainment are limited.  Reel Time by providing movies and snacks has been a great benefit to the children as they enjoy the movie going experience in a safe and comfortable environment.    

The volunteers of Reel Time have been very responsive to our needs through their selection of age appropriate movies and nutritional snacks.  They interact with our children in a warm and caring manner.  They are diligent in their planning and execution of their movie screenings.  We appreciate their association with Thompson Child & Family Focus.  For more information about our work with Reel Time, I can be contacted at 704-644-4403 or reldridge@thompsoncff.org.    


Rachel Eldridge  

Volunteer Resources Coordinator 


To Whom it May Concern:       

I am writing to you in support of the work of Reel Time.        

Homeless is about disconnection: disconnection from work, from community, from society, from one’s own humanity.         

Reel Time is about connection: connecting Reel Time with an existing agency, connecting Reel Time volunteers with the homeless, and connecting the homeless with the emotions that surface while watching a good film.           

Reel Time not only shows the film but simulates a movie theater experience with a large screen, popcorn, candy, and drinks.  After each showing, there are always a handful of people that express it has been years since they have seen a film.  There are even more that express how grateful they are to have a moment of humanity in midst of their struggle through homelessness.         

While homelessness is easy to fall into, it is much more difficult to escape.  Part of the difficultly comes with the hopelessness that accompanies life on the street.  People adjust to the skills of survival necessary to live on the street and move further away from skills needed to function in “society.”  The moments of humanity that occur through Reel Time are moments of hope; they are moments when an individual dreams that once again he or she might get back into “regular life.”  They are possible life-changing moments.       

We are working with Reel Time to expand the experience, by including dialogue after the film, so individuals have volunteers and counselors they can speak with about the emotions that might have surfaced during a film.         

We are grateful to Reel Time for bringing this experience to our agency.              


Liz Clasen  

Associate Executive Director  

Urban Ministry Center